Sunday, March 23, 2014


Well, a little less than a year after first coming to this amazing city. I returned! Of course this time I actually had free time to tour around... Which I did! So much walking over these last few days have left me rather crippled. 

While I absolutely love London I must say 4 days here is just to much for me, of course there is definitely a ton I didn't get the chance to see. But there is always another time to come back and journey more. 

A few important things I have to share would be the second night me and my 2 friends I came with went to find a bar... So we hop on the bus and go closer to London Centre. After passing a few bars we decide that the next bar we see we are going to get off and go... which we definitely did! Found this really really cool looking bar that was described as an Irish Pub (it literally said... "Irish Pub"). So we jump off the bus and go across the street, open the door... and discover it was a watering hole for the local elder men. The average age I would have to say was 50 years old. So needless to say we didn't stay long before we got back on the bus and drove onward. Going closer to the city we discovered that drinking establishments close super early, and we kept getting told "Sorry we're closed". So finally we found a bar that was still opened for another hour, sat, relaxed and had a drink before admitting we were exhausted and got back on the bus and going to our hotel. 

Sorry... got distracted by this Russian woman who is yelling at the front desk. Its rather humerous as her English is more like Rusglish. 

Okay. So the other big event while here was the stumbling upon an anti-fascism rally. Which was more or less a bunch of people yelling about rascism and then playing bob marley. 

All in all I must say that I am very much ready to head back to France. This city is absolutely amazing and has so much wonder and rich history... but it definitely has gotten the best of this boy. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I found volleyball!!!

Well, I did it. I some how discovered a men's volleyball team/gathering/club. I truly don't know what to call it. But it meets twice a week for like two hours, which is super awesome!!! I also found another day that is from my other college (French Business School). So now I will be playing volleyball 4 days a week. Currently I have played 3 times this week (yesterday and twice today) so I am super sore! My shoulder is going through a little syndrome I personally call Pussidus. Which is a medical term for you wimping out. Another great thing is that not many of the guys there speak English... so FINALLY I am forced into using French.

After the practice (I discovered a better word for today) a guy offered to drive me home, which was great because I didn't have to wait for the bus! On our 8 minute drive to my dorm we had a great conversation in broken french/ broken english. It was great to not have someone to be able to understand what I was saying in English (or completely understand) and having to try and recreate a sentence in my head. Finding different words and putting them in different places to attempt to get what I wanted to say across... and the craziest thing happened. I didn't die, he didn't laugh or kick me out of the car... so I would call that progress. Me like many people who are trying to learn a second language get so stuck on having to speak well and being absolutely sure about every little phrase we speak that we spook ourselves out of speaking. Instead if you just attempt to speak, they will attempt to understand you and you will be able to build off of that experience.

To anyone else who is attempting to learn a language, please just speak with a person who speaks your target language. If you can master just a few simple phrases and understand a few words you will be able to begin speaking with someone. If you can't remember the word, just play charades and they will understand what you are saying.

I hope everyone is enjoying reading my journey in France. I know I don't post a ton, but the majority of it is all the same and sort of boring.... Because I am studying all the time ;) ;)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sorry! Was having fun

So I apologize for not posting in nearly two weeks! Not a ton has happened here, but I have just been busy hanging out with friends and studying (wink wink). But France is going amazingly well! I finally started my business classes at the French Business School (FBS) and after sitting in class from 9:30-5 I must say that it wasn't as terrible as it sounds! The class went super fast and the teacher was very energetic. Which helped a lot!

Many people may believe that they don't have to or that there major doesn't allow them to study abroad. But it is amazing how much information I learned on my first day that back in the States we never went over in any detail. Of course Economics or Business is going to have a major twist depending on which side of history you are looking from. However I truly believe that any major you have will be improved by looking at it from a different perspective. Working for the International office I got to talk with many different students, many were excited about the option to study abroad and some were very against it because "they couldn't graduate in time if they studied abroad".  To that I respond that its a crock of ****. Even if you have to take an extra semester or a year it is so work so much more than you could ever even imagine! As our technology improves more and more companies are doing business overseas potentially in a country that you can study in!

In college is your time to LEARN! Don't just fly through school and into the work force as fast as possible. Something I have really learned here in France is that you truly only have one life. That doesn't mean to stop caring about everything and just party all the time. It means that you should spend more time enjoying your life, working all day nearly everyday is not living. This is something that the French are very clear about (as nearly EVERYTHING closes between 12 and 2) the businesses understand that making money is important but allowing everyone to actually enjoy some of there life is more important.

I would write more but I have to catch the bus... so GO WOLVES!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I got mail!

So I ordered something a week or so ago and it finally came! Although because they knew I was foreign so they made it difficult! So needless to say, I saw more of the city!!! (Currently I am in French class... Where he speaks in French and I pretend to listen.) after the 45 minute walk one, way I arrived... at the wrong place. Luckily the lady didn't speak French and wasn't any help! But just a short journey down the road I arrived to a mall which I guess is called Auchan. Luckily La Poste inside was very easy to find and I made it back in time to actually eat something before Volleyball Class (Yes, it is actually a class). 

Volleyball is definitely my favorite class, as all we do is play volleyball! I just get super tired after I get done, and of course I have to go to a class and sit down for 2.5 hrs after being actuve and running around.

Today is very rainy and windy and I dont like it at all! Really wish we could just have 60's and sunny. On the flip side, I am going shopping today as they have amazing sales on hopefully something that will fit me!!! 

I apologize for this post being all over the board. This weather is making me hurt and be tired all the time. I need to see the sun soon!!! On a happier note, atleast I am not back home!!! Its -20. Bye! 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's like a heat wave!

Well the past couple days have been pretty amazing! The weather has been PHENOMENAL! High 40's almost reaching the 50's... and we have had some sun! Today is the second day that it has rained during my time which is very nice in comparison to some other exchange students.

I finally have everything straightened out with my school(s) so all my classes are scheduled and I just have to attend them which is very relieving. I also applied/signed up for a bank account, which was sort of terrifying and my French is terrible and her English wasn't very good... but I believe everything should work out fine.

So I have now had a full week of classes and it is very different from NSU or any other American college that I can think of. For example, my French Language and Civilization classes meet only 1 time per week for 2.5-3.5 hours. They are both only in French so I understand about absolutely nothing. But I have begun to actually be able to hear individual words so I am going to go right ahead and call that progress.

My "actual classes" - that I will be needing for my major - are also rather weird. Each class is only 1 week long and consists of 3 course days. These days could be any 3 days in a week. From what I have been told so far, "they don't really know" so I will be informed of what times my classes meet and what days they meet on "at the very latest the Friday before the class begins [on the next Monday]." From what I have been told generally the classes consist of 9:30-12 and then 2-5:30 for any combination of 3 days in the week and on the third day you will have a exam or some sort of test to grade you. Also they don't have ANY books. Which personally I love! I mean the fact I don't have to waste 100$ on a book I probably won't even open makes me very very happy!

All in all I am definitely beginning to love it here! I am looking forward to the days when I can actually communicate with people, without looking/feeling like a complete moron. And who knows maybe I will decide to come back in the Fall!

Monday, February 3, 2014

This internet tho!

Well the super bowl has come and passed and sadly I couldn't watch it. Whether or not i could have stayed up the whole time is a whole different story from the fact the internet is so slow! Every 30 seconds or so it has to load which then causes it to skip ahead and ruin the viewing pleasure. So this morning I awoke to realize the Broncos had stayed in Denver, while the Seahawks had there way in New York. 

I finally went venturing on my own and have a feeling it is not as scary as it may seem. While I obviously look like a foreigner I truely don't care any longer. In the future I know I will be able to navigate these streets in the native language... I just wish that day would hurry the hell up! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Never thought I'd say this... but YAY CLASS!

Well, today I found out that my classes start... today! While I was told that they began at 12 I later discovered that they actually start at 1:30. Luckily I was told they were earlier than later! My first class will be about French Civilization. I am assuming it is all in French so I will probably just be looking at the teacher with pure confusion... but hey, it beats sitting alone! I also got a chance to meet some of the other American students studying here. Two of them speak fairly good French and the other is just a bit more advanced than me.

Other than that I discovered they have volleyball on campus and I am soo glad that I brought my gear because my shoes are just crying to play some volleyball!

Things are definitely starting to look better on the French front and this should be one heck of a semester!

Oh before I forget, I tried Crescents and truly I don't understand what the hype is all about. They are good but they definitely do not beat well I don't know what they don't beat... but i'm sure it is something great!